Our Purpose

The Maximum Impact Youth & Young Adult Success Online Academy has been created to educate through an online platform and host positive,  impactful events and activities to improve the quality of family life and community.

The Mission


Our mission is to provide an online, life skills, educational resource for youth and young adults while providing practical tools for parents. Our goal is to reach 200,000 families worldwide by 2024 through this online community as well as with entertaining live events, youth camps, workshops and support groups. The Maximum Impact Youth & Young Adult Success Online Academy endeavors to increase cultural awareness by providing this resource that will encourage the highest levels of personal integrity and success.



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As an entrepreneur, Jay has built seven-figure businesses and established himself as a sought after business consultant/coach. Jay’s commitment to financial literacy inspired him to create CommonCent$, an online financial course. 

Jay also founded Life Camp, Urban Change and the Maximum Impact Youth Online Success Academy. These are youth programs that focus on performing arts, life skills and money management. He has also created personal development and parenting workshops, financial detox classes and healthy relationships seminars.

Jay has a strong belief in giving back so that others can avoid costly mistakes and live an accomplished life.



With a multi-faceted career that has spanned nearly 30 years, Jay Cameron’s expertise as an entrepreneur, speaker, playwright, community leader and philanthropist is unparalleled. 


Jay’s live events and cutting edge, original stage productions have reached more than 200,000 people nationwide. Jay’s mission is to educate and inspire through entertainment. 


Having been a top-rated radio announcer in the Washington, DC area, Jay has been recognized as a high impact community leader. In 2008, Jay created the 10,000 Back-To-School book bag giveaway which provided school supplies and book bags for underserved communities. The event was endorsed by Hill Harper, Lamman Rucker, Ginuwine, Lynnette Khalfani-Cox and more. 


As a teen or young adult, how do you build a successful life? How do you fulfill your dreams? How do you avoid wasting time, wandering through life, trying to “figure it out”? It takes the right strategy. It takes having the right vision, the right tools, the right support group and the right information. 


As a teenager, life can move at lightning speed. Between homework, tests, sports and other extra curricular activities, it can seem like 9th grade becomes 12th grade overnight. You are learning and growing at lightning speed too. The high school years are critical because they are foundational years. Unfortunately, many important life lessons are not taught during these years. As a result, many teens lose focus and find themselves struggling as young adults. 

This academy has been designed for teens like you, who want to succeed and reach their goals. 


As a young adult, transitioning from high school into the “real world” has its own set of challenges. For many, there seems to be pressure coming from all angles. Family pressure, peer pressure, internal pressure, financial pressure and relationship  pressure can feel overwhelming. It can also feel lonely with so many opinions and thoughts bombarding your mind. 

Does this sound familiar? 

  • Which college to attend? 

  • Is college for you? 

  • Bills? Bills? Bills? 

  • I need a job to pay these bills!

  • What in the world do you want to do with the rest of your life? 

  • Relationship drama? 

  • I expected to be further along than this!

  • My friends are doing bigger things than I am! 


For many young adults, they are expected to have the answers to many of life’s questions without having been taught the lessons. For other young adults, they are clear about their direction and have started taking the steps towards their goals. There are many aspects and phases to young adulthood. This academy was created to help young adults navigate this phase of life by offering tools, resources and a community of people who desire to be successful.


Male Speaker
  • Becoming The Generation Z Millionaire

  • Your Health Is Your Wealth

  • Becoming A Game Changer - Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

  • The Predator & The Prey - Recognizing & Avoiding Toxic Relationships

  • Life's Hidden Landmines- Essentials For The 21st Century Teen or Young Adult

  • What About Your Friends?

  • Five Star Career Training

  • Family Matters 

  • The Social Media Trick Bag - Avoiding The Online Mistakes That Destroy Careers & Reputations

  • #WINNING - Making An Impact

  • Becoming The 21st Century Adult 


Parents are strongly encouraged to be a part of a comprehensive parenting course that helps to unpack the challenges our teens and young adults are facing while offering practical solutions. As a part of the Maximum Impact Youth & Young Adult Success Academy, Jay recognized the need for this parenting course as a support for the entire family.

Parenting the 21st Century teen can be a rewarding experience but it can also come with its share of unique challenges. Today’s teens are presented with a host of opportunities and challenges. For the first time in recorded history, modern technology has created an environment where they can learn, earn and make life-altering decisions at lightning speed.

Social media in conjunction with traditional media has an ever-increasing influence in their lives.

Happy Family

The parents of these teens are faced with helping them take advantage of the benefits of modern technology while helping them navigate the potential pitfalls that await them.

In addition to modern technology, today’s teens are faced with family challenges and expectations along with social and internal pressures. Without the proper guidance and response to these issues, many teens are making unwise choices that carry severe consequences.


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  • Parents who want to improve their parenting skills and offer the best opportunities for their teen

  • Parents who are frustrated with their teen’s actions or inactions and are out of answers

  • Individuals who work with teens regularly

  • Those who are looking to join a community of like-minded parents and mentors 

  • Your Teen’s Story — What’s Going On In Their Minds?

  • Parenting Doesn’t Stop At 18 - It’s A Life-Long Journey

  • The Compass — Your REAL Role As A Parent

  • The Fear Factor – How Many Parents Unintentionally Sabotage Their Children

  • Confidence — The Secret Ingredient

  • Social Media — The Generational Disconnect

  • What About Their Friends?

  • The Performer — How Many Teens Hide Their Secret Lives

  • Thirsty — What They REALLY Need From You

  • Don’t Let Go Too Soon - Walking Your Teen Into Adulthood


  • Overcoming Past Parenting Mistakes

  • The Blended Family

  • The Blame Game — When Pointing Fingers Leads To Broken Teens

  • Money Matters — Family Group Economics

  • Turning The Corner — Establishing A Roadmap For Success For Your Child





When you become a part of this online community, you will gain access to other like-minded parents who desire the best for their children. We strongly encourage using our collective knowledge, resources, networks and skills to create unique opportunities and experiences for academy participants. 


  • Online interactive courses and materials for teens, young adults and parents

  • Weekly online live content to answer questions and to offer support

  • In-person events and retreats to help build community and relationships 

  • A Rites Of Passage Program (for teens who are interested) 


As the Maximum Impact community grows, we will be encouraging meet ups in cities that have multiple families. In addition, Jay will travel to designated cities to host in-person family strategy sessions. Win movie passes, gift cards and college scholarships for different contests and activities. 

Join Jay and the Maximum Impact team for two annual events that will celebrate the successes of our youth, young adults and families. 




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