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As a young adult, transitioning from high school into the “real world” has its own set of challenges. For many, there seems to be pressure coming from all angles. Family pressure, peer pressure, internal pressure, financial pressure and relationship  pressure can feel overwhelming. It can also feel lonely with so many opinions and thoughts bombarding your mind. 

Does this sound familiar? 

  • Which college to attend? 

  • Is college for you? 

  • Bills? Bills? Bills? 

  • I need a job to pay these bills!

  • What in the world do you want to do with the rest of your life? 

  • Relationship drama? 

  • I expected to be further along than this!

  • My friends are doing bigger things than I am! 

For many young adults, they are expected to have the answers to many of life’s questions without having been taught the lessons. For other young adults, they are clear about their direction and have started taking the steps towards their goals. There are many aspects and phases to young adulthood. This academy was created to help young adults navigate this phase of life by offering tools, resources and a community of people who desire to be successful.  


  • Becoming The Generation Z Millionaire

  • Your Health Is Your Wealth

  • Becoming A Game Changer - Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

  • The Predator & The Prey - Recognizing & Avoiding Toxic Relationships

  • Life's Hidden Landmines- Essentials For The 21st Century Teen or Young Adult

  • What About Your Friends?

  • Five Star Career Training

  • Family Matters 

  • The Social Media Trick Bag - Avoiding The Online Mistakes That Destroy Careers & Reputations

  • #WINNING - Making An Impact

  • Becoming The 21st Century Adult 

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